Is it possible to order a mirror in individual sizes?

Yes, it is. Our site presents a wide range of mirrors in different sizes. You also have the opportunity to order any mirror in an individual size. The price for a group of LED mirrors is calculated on the product page. All other models in non-standard size and design will be calculated for you by a store consultant.

Is it possible to order a shower cabin or partition in individual sizes?

Yes, it is. It is possible to order a shower cabin or partition according to individual drawings. We can also get additional advice on showers from a professional.

Is it possible to order a mirror according to individual design and parameters?

Yes, of course. To do this, we need to get a drawing or picture of the product you want to get. The cost of such an order will be announced by the store's consultant.

Is it possible to order a mirror that is not on the site?

You can order any product made of glass or mirror. To do this, call us and we will discuss all the details!

What is the maximum size of a mirror with LED lighting?

The maximum size of a mirror canvas- 3250х2550 mm.

Do you paint mirror frames according to RAL?

Yes, we do. Mirrors in metal frames can be painted according to the client's chosen RAL color.

What does the guarantee apply to?

The warranty applies to the mirror canvas (corrosion damage), switches (mechanical button and touch), heating and LED lighting.

What is the warranty period for LED mirrors?

The warranty period for StudioGlass™ mirrors is 36 months.

What is the warranty period for shower cabins and partitions?

The warranty period for StudioGlass™ showers and partitions is 60 months.

How is the warranty service for mirrors?

In case of technical problems during the warranty period, we must notify us in a way convenient for you. The message must include the order number (optional) and describe the problem by attaching additional photos or videos.

Is post-warranty service possible?

We perform post-warranty repairs. The repair is at the expense of the Client.

Do you need a prepayment when ordering a mirror?

So. For all mirrors, the prepayment will be 50% of the cost of the mirror.

What is the term of production of mirrors and shower cabins, partitions?

Production terms: LED mirrors - 7-10 days, when ordering a facet or a mirror with rounded corners - up to 12 days. Mirrors in metal frames - 12 days. Shower cabins and partitions - 14 days.

Where can you get acquainted with our products?

Lviv - Shopping center «Three Elephants» Kyiv - Shopping center «Arax»

Is it possible to put a logo on the mirror?

Yes, it is. The cost of applying a small logo - 15% of the cost of the product. To do this, send the manager a vector drawing of this logo.

Are the products subject to return or exchange?

The buyer has the right to return the product only if the purchased product is a standard size and without additional options. The buyer is entitled to a refund within 14 days. Return of goods of proper quality is carried out if it has not been used and if its appearance, packaging, seals, labels, as well as the settlement document issued to the Buyer for payment for the goods are preserved. If the Product is of a non-standard size and with additional options, the Goods shall not be returned in accordance with Annex №3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on "List of goods of good quality not subject to exchange (return)".

Is it possible to buy a ready-made mirror product?

All mirrors are made only to order. Finished products can be purchased from storefronts or in the office during production.

How to mount a StudioGlass™ mirror by yourself?

The design of the mirror is designed so that the installation and connection to the power supply took no more than 20 minutes. Before starting the installation, carefully read the installation instructions and check the completeness and integrity of the product. The mirror is attached with dowel hooks that need to be installed in the wall. On the back of the product there are holes of a special shape that allow you to mount it both horizontally and vertically. Be sure to unplug the power cord BEFORE starting work! Our mirrors are connected to the 220V mains by means of a power cable coming out of the wall, with a cable coming out of the mirror design.

Is there a mirror mount?

The mounts are located on the mirror and hidden behind a plastic case. the location of the fasteners indicate the stickers on the body.

How is the mirror connected to the power supply

Our mirrors provide connection to the 220V network.

Is it possible to install LED mirrors in damp rooms (bathroom)?

All StudioGlass™ mirrors have protection class IP 44. This means that they can be used in bathrooms and rooms with high humidity levels.

What is the service life of LEDs in the LED mirror?

LED strip life - 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

What is the thickness of the mirror?

The total thickness of the LED mirror is 28 mm. The thickness of the mirror in the metal frame is 40 mm The thickness of the mirror in the aluminum frame is 20 mm.

What to do if there are technical problems with the mirror (the backlight does not light, the button does not work or heating)?

If you encounter technical problems during the warranty period, you must notify us in a way convenient for you. The message must include the order number (optional) and describe the problem by attaching additional photos or videos.

Is it possible to make the front lighting as close as possible to the edge of the mirror?

The minimum possible deviation from the edge of the mirror to the front illumination - 30mm.

What is the size of the lens?

Diameter of a lens is 150 mm.

What is the size of the shelf?

Shelf thickness - 6 mm The width of the shelf is equal to the width (diameter) of the mirror Shelf depth - 150 mm

In which cities are measurements and installation of products possible?

The professional assembly team measures and installs mirror products only in the cities of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv. Measurements and installation of shower cabins and partitions are possible in Lviv and on the outskirts of the city.

What are the methods of product delivery?

-Delivery in Lviv is free to the entrance. -Delivery to Nova Poshta freight offices throughout Ukraine is free. -Self-pickup from the main office in Sokilnyky or branded stores in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Kyiv.

What are the ways to pay for the order?

Payment is made in cash (when ordering in our stores) or non-cash (to the account of FOP or by bank card)

Do I need to look in the mirror at Nova Poshta offices?

When you receive a mirror, you must inspect the product for integrity. The mirror is packed in a solid wooden scaffold. The Seller is responsible for the integrity of the products until received by the customer at the branch. By signing the receipt upon receipt, you agree that the goods are delivered in full and of proper quality.

What to do if the mirror came broken?

In case of damage to the mirror, which were received as a result of transportation, it is necessary to refuse to receive the order. Let us know the reason for the refusal. Return and replacement of the product is at our expense.

What is the cost of delivery of the mirror?

Delivery by Nova Poshta cargo department or delivery in Lviv is free.

How are orders packed by mail ?

Additional protection against damage during the transport of mirrors is provided by plastic angles, foamed protective shock-absorbing material and wooden scaffolding.

How does delivery in Ukraine work in wartime?

Due to the situation in the country, post offices work selectively and their list and status is constantly changing. The new post office operates in regions and cities where there is no fighting.

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