Design Series

Design series of mirrors in a metal frame

The main task before us was to make the perfect mirrors to complement the interior design in the style of boho, Scandinavian or even Japanese. For this purpose, interesting shapes were chosen, framed by a classic metal of restrained colors. Thanks to this combination, the design of a series of mirrors from StudioGlass стала became a bestseller from the first days of launch.

To create a frame, we use only a metal strip of 4 cm x 3 mm. This material allows you to create a strong structure that will hold its shape.

Frame color

For standard colors, we chose the classics - black, white and gold frame color. They fit best into a variety of interior designs. However, for greater convenience, we also paint the frames in Ral K7 Classic colors. You can choose the shade that will suit the visualization or desire.

Metal frame

Since in today's world mirrors are not needed to perform their direct functions, we have considered absolutely all possible options. Anti-corrosion treatment of metal prevents damage and defects, so the mirror will last a long time.

The thickness of the frame immediately affects the appearance and practicality of the mirror. The metal strip is not deformed, keeping the shape of even free parts without a frame. The practicality lies in the lighter weight of such a mirror.

Mirror cloth Mirox MNGE

StudioGlass ™ uses the fabric of the world-famous manufacturer Mirox MNGE to make mirror products. This canvas meets all modern requirements of quality and environmental friendliness. The purity of reflection in this canvas is 100%. All mirrors are made without the addition of copper and lead, do not contain harmful volatile substances and are therefore completely safe for human health and the environment. Mirox MNGE mirror cloth is completely resistant to moisture, so it can be used in bathrooms.

Protection class in StudioGlass mirrors

All StudioGlass дз mirrors have protection class IP 44. This means that the appliance can be used in damp bathrooms. They are protected from accidental water ingress and dust penetration.


StudioGlass насам is first and foremost a guarantee of quality. We provide a 3-year warranty on each product from the date of receipt.

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