The production of mirrors was born in the company of several friends in 2015, for whom it was important to release a really high-quality product with an original name, without self-praise and unnecessary pathos.


And so we appeared - Studio Glass - Lviv Mirror Factory.


The primary task for us is to create the most comfortable and safe workplace for employees - after all, a person is a product. In this way, every specialist can create his work with a light heart without worrying about troubles or inconvenience. In the end, each mirror is worthy of your home.


We tested all materials and technologies on ourselves, because at first there were few machines, and even fewer people. Optimizing and purchasing equipment has made the production process easier, but what has remained unchanged is quality control and a caring attitude towards each client.


We understand all the client's concerns and are always ready to make concessions. But there is one more point that every company should have by default - namely, guarantees. Our customer will be a customer even after the purchase of the mirror, which is why support and warranty returns are mandatory.


Our company is about how to be as simple and open as possible, while not losing face, or "brand".


The products of the Studio Glass factory meet the requirements of DSTU EN 60598-1:2017. We are proud to be developing a genuine Ukrainian product. The quality of service is as important to us as the quality of products - that's why all products have a 36-month warranty.

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