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  • Shower Size
  • Accessories
  • Tempered Glass
  • Mounting system
  • Door hinges
  • Handle
  • Special installation
  • Sealant
  • Glass holder
  • Towel rail
  • Shelf
  • Review
Select shower options:
Cabin height
Enter part width
The width of the side wall
Sizes calculate in milimeters (mm)
Select set of accessories:
Select tempered glass:
Select defense glass:
Select mounting system:
Select placement of door hinges:
Select handle type:
Select special installation:
Select type of sealant:
Select type of glass holder:
Select towel rail:
Select shelf type:
Select number of shelves:
Glass shower box RAIN color
Cabin height: 2000 мм
Cost without additional options: 22962 UAH
Enter part width: 800 мм
The width of the side wall: 800 мм
Set of accessories
Black matte LOFT
Tempered Glass
Clear 8 mm
Mounting system
Profile system
Placement of door hinges
On the right
Handle type
Type of sealant
Type of glass holder
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Total price:
22962 UAH

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